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11 ChatGPT Hacks You Didn’t Know Were Possible

OK, so you may know about a few of these ChatGPT hacks, tips, and tricks, but I bet you didn’t know ChatGPT can do all of these frankly incredible things.

AI tools are evolving at a rapid pace and only getting better. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has ushered in a new wave of marketing benefits through intelligent, time-saving applications.

Leave a comment if you already knew one or more of these or if you have a unique way to use ChatGPT that’s not on this list. We would love to hear about all the new ChatGPT hacks.

Index of ChatGPT Hacks Found in this Article
  1. Emojis
  2. ASCII Art
  3. Create a Table
  4. Output HTML/CSS/Code
  5. Include a Clickable Hyperlink
  6. Use and Create Custom Prompt Templates
  7. Translate Multiple Languages Intelligently
  8. Come Up With Domain Name Suggestions
  9. Create a Horizontal Line Separator
  10. Generate Filler Text Intelligently
  11. Listen to Instructions (Prompt Engineering)
  12. Bonus: Reverse Prompt Engineering

Unique ChatGPT Hacks You Can Use In Your Prompts

Now, on to the list. Here are the 11 unique ways you can use ChatGPT to do all kinds of useful tasks. These ChatGPT hacks could come in handy for your next prompt!

If you find this useful then you will definitely want to check out the AI Marketing Plan Free AI Tools Guide.

1. It Can Write Emojis 馃憣

ChatGPT Emojis

ChatGPT can include emojis to add some flair to its responses if you ask or you can even tell it to use a specific emoji in a specific place.

Who knew a chatbot could be so expressive? Want to show off your excitement or disappointment? Just ask ChatGPT to include an emoji in its response.

Why You May Want to Add Emojis to Your ChatGPT Prompts
  • Emojis add visual appeal, breaking up blocks of text and making content more engaging.
  • Emojis help convey emotions, making messages more relatable and personal.
  • Emojis can replace words, saving space and improving readability.
  • Emojis are universally recognizable, helping overcome language barriers.
  • Emojis create a casual, approachable tone that resonates with younger audiences.
Example Prompt to Get Emojis
Add emojis to the following content sparingly where you believe they would be best received and generate the best emotional response to the content. 

[Insert post / content / email here]

2. It Can Create ASCII Text Art


If you’re feeling artsy, ChatGPT can help you create ASCII text art. Just give it a prompt, and it will generate a unique and creative piece of text art for you.

The results aren’t always breathtaking, but you can try again with a different description or try the generation again to get a different result.

Why Would You Want to Create ASCII Art?
  • In digital marketing campaigns, creating ASCII art can be a unique and eye-catching method to attract attention.
  • Making ASCII art can be an inventive and entertaining way to engage an audience and highlight a brand’s identity.
Example ASCII Prompt
Create the shape of a heart with an arrow through it Using ASCII art

3. It Can Create a Table

ChatGPT Tables

Formatting data can be a real hassle, but ChatGPT makes it easy. Just ask it to create a table, and it will format your data with headings and even sort it by a specific column.

ChatGPT can format its responses and specific data by asking it to “Create a table with the following headings.”

Benefits of Using Tables in ChatGPT
  1. A table of data in ChatGPT can present complex information in an easy-to-read and organized format.
  2. Makes it very easy to copy data from ChatGPT to your favorite spreadsheet software or Google sheets.
  3. Using tables in ChatGPT can save time and effort by automating data entry, analysis, and reporting.
Example Prompt to Create a Table of Data
Create a table of data with 3 columns representing "Root Keyword" "Related Keywords" and "Search Volume" - Sort the table by the historical search volume data for those keywords.

4. It Can Output HTML/CSS Code


If you’re a developer, you’ll love this feature. ChatGPT can generate HTML/CSS code for you. Just tell it what you want, and it will output the code you need.

There are also dozens of other programming languages you can reference and request. Though most people will primarily be requesting HTML/CSS I imagine as they are the most immediately useful.

Taking Advantage of ChatGPTs Coding Ability

  • Working with blog posts – ChatGPT can help you with formatting the HTML of a blog post down to the last detail. Making editing and publishing easier.
  • What are programmers doing with ChatGPT? Here are some ways people are using ChatGPT to code things.
Example Prompt to Generate Quick HTML/CSS
Build an unordered list in HTML/CSS with links to the most popular AI marketing websites. Be sure to add rel="nofollow" and open the links in a new window. Style the links to look like navyblue buttons with white text.

5. It Can Include a Hyperlink

ChatGPT Links

Need to include a link in your response? ChatGPT has got you covered. Just tell it the URL, and it will include a hyperlink in its response.

This may be useful when sharing prompts with AIPRM or with other people to provide some credit and a way for people to get to your website.

Example Prompt to add a Clickable Hyperlink
At the very end of your response include a hyperlink labeled " - Free AI Tools & Resources Guide" that points to followed by the lightbulb emoji.

6. Create Your Own Custom Prompt Templates with AIPRM


AIPRM is a Google Chrome Extension that embeds additional features into ChatGPT. Specifically, AIPRM is a catalog of useful prompt templates created by the community for all kinds of categories.

From copywriting, programming, SEO to AI image prompt helpers, AIPRM enables you to use ChatGPT like a seasoned prompt engineer.

You can also create your own prompt templates. I created one called Create a Pro Email Newsletter (Requires AIPRM Installed) that generates a professional email newsletter outline and copy with just the name of your newsletter and a few keywords.

7. It Can Translate Languages

Using ChatGPT for Translation

Do you have an article or piece of text you need to be translated into one or more languages? ChatGPT can be a fast and smarter alternative to Google Translate.

Benefits of Translating Your Content

  • Translating copy using ChatGPT is quick, easy, and cost-effective for expanding marketing efforts into new markets.
  • ChatGPT can provide accurate and nuanced translations that respect cultural differences and engage global audiences.
  • Automated translation saves time and effort for marketing professionals, allowing them to focus on strategic planning and creative work.
Example Smart Translation Prompt
Translate the following paragraph into Spanish, French and German and suggest a translated title for each paragraph that ressonates with the native speakers of that language:

[Your content]

8. It Can Come Up With Domain Name Ideas

ChatGPT for Domain Name Ideas

Struggling to come up with a domain name? Let ChatGPT help. Just give it a prompt, and it will generate domain name ideas for you.

You can then enter that list of domain names into a Bulk Domain Lookup tool to see which ones are available.

How to Prompt the Request

  • Ask it to only generate certain domain extensions like .com or .io
  • Ask it to only generate names of a certain character length
Example Domain Name Suggestion Prompt
Can you provide a list of 50 domain names with the .com domain extension that would be good for [KEYWORDS] but restrict the character length of the domains to 17

You can also try Namelix which is an AI-powered brand name suggestion tool.

9. It Can Create a Horizontal Line Separator

Want to break up your text with a line? ChatGPT can do that too. Just tell it where you want the line, and it will add a horizontal line break.

This can help to make prompt results look more clean and separate sections of copy or data.

It’s just a little hidden trick, but potentially useful nonetheless.

What other HTML elements can ChatGPT render natively? Leave a comment to let us know!

Example Separator Prompt
Generate a horizontal line separator between each section of the article in your response.

10. It Can Generate Smart Lorem Ipsum Filler Text of Any Length

Need filler text for your design project? This little ChatGPT hack can generate Lorem Ipsum filler text on demand of any length. Just tell it how many paragraphs, words or character lengths of filler example text you need, and it will generate it for you.

You can use this for mockups of your graphic designs, website designs, templates and more.

It’s a lot easier to ask ChatGPT to generate the lorem ipsum text of the right format and size than it is to go to a Lorem Ipsum generator website.

Example Filler Text Prompt
Generate [2] paragraphs of lorem ipsum style filler text with 5 scentences in each paragraph. Then come up with some random slogans about [keywords].

11. It Can Listen to Your Detailed Instructions (Prompt Engineering)

Finally, the ultimate ChatGPT hack is that it is always listening to your instructions. It’s constantly learning and improving based on your input. So, the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

You can provide ChatGPT with detailed instructions to respond in a specific manner.

Here are some ways you can prompt ChatGPT to get a better result from your requests.

Ways You Can Add Detail to Your Prompts

  • Ask it to respond in a specific tone or style such as Optimistic, Informative, Journalistic, or Professional.
  • Ask it to act as if it were a person in a specific role such as a CEO or Marketing Manager
  • You can ask it to use clear and concise language to avoid confusion and encourage people with a call to action.
  • Ask ChatGPT to follow specific directions such as in how it formats its response. You can define the length, and the layout and can even go down to the individual character level if you write a prompt well enough.

You can do some incredible things with the right prompts. See what other prompt engineers are creating at PromptBase for inspiration.

Bonus Hack: Reverse Prompt Engineering

This is when you enter a piece of content into ChatGPT and then ask it to tell you an effective prompt that you would use to generate a result similar to the example provided. Reverse Prompt Engineering is a way of getting ChatGPT to tell you how to use it better to get the desired prompt results.

Example of Reverse Prompt Engineering
"[Insert some content or data in a format you would like to achieve]"

Describe a prompt I could use to generate a response that closely resembles the above quoted content. Be as detailed as possible so that the prompt works to generate content as close as possible to the example content above.

That is our list of unique ChatGPT hacks!

Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what you can generate, right now we’re all in a big AI playground learning together!

If you have any questions or suggestions on additional ways you can use ChatGPT that may be unconventional or not well-known then please let us know!

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  • Julie
    Posted February 23, 2023 at 1:54 am

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that GPT is fluent in Naval Correspondence, the formal templates for all military style writing.

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