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7 Things You Should NOT Use AI For (Yet)

I thought it was appropriate now to point out some things I believe you should NOT be using ChatGPT or generative AI tools for just yet. Just because you can now do some things with the assistance of AI, doesn’t always mean it’s good for business.

In this article, I’ll point out 7 marketing and online business tasks that ChatGPT and AI are just not ready to take on reliably. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be improving quickly as is proving the case, so have a look at what NOT to do right now, but keep watching for updates on the latest advancements in the AI space!

1. Blog Post Generation

It’s important to have a human touch on your website and in your blog. You don’t want to come across as cold and robotic. I think we are all starting to see AI content in the wild and it just doesn’t feel right, if you ask it to ask as an expert as most people are suggesting, it feels salesy” and cold. While ChatGPT can be useful for content creation, and coming up with ideas and titles, it’s not the best option for publishing posts that are generated by AI.

Blogging requires an individual touch, and the blogger’s tone and writing style plays a significant role in capturing the reader’s attention. ChatGPT is likely not unable to capture the author’s distinctive voice or tell a business’s story, which could result in the blog feeling impersonal or lacking in authenticity. ChatGPT can’t presently research and collect information as effectively as a human writer, which could result in inaccuracies or outdated information in the blog post.

What Copywriters & English Majors Need to Know

Copywriters and English majors have nothing to fear as they are probably best positioned to expertly use ChatGPT as a tool to produce and generate better content.

Through ChatGPT hacks and clever prompt engineering with your mastery of writing, grammar, and the English language, you’ll be able to have outputs that far surpass a typical question-and-answer dialog some people have with ChatGPT.

While we may use ChatGPT to come up with great ideas, titles, headlines, or even an outline of a blog post, we make sure to provide human-edited and SEO-friendly articles to our AI Marketing Plan customers and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

2. Bulk Creating Social Media Posts

Using AI to batch-create bulk social media graphics of different colors is just going to become stale quickly and they often look very cookie-cutter. A better approach would be to have various types of social media graphic content.

Instead, create Polls, Q&As, quotes, announcements, resources, guides, tools, longer form text, videos and reels. All of these are valuable to a user. Whatever you do, AI-assisted or not, make sure you provide value to your social media following.

While we use AI tools to assist our AI marketing efforts, we make sure to provide unique and engaging graphic content and even videos with a human touch in our AI Marketing Plan monthly services.

Elements to Include that AI Can’t Do Well

  • Your brand logo or styling – Have a consistent visual experience, often AI isn’t consistent
  • Personalization and engaging messages – You know your audience better than AI does
  • Testimonials, polls, Q&As – Content your followers can engage with
  • Videos and Reels – This is the new social media gold rush right now, AI can’t make reels for you

AI image generators and AI graphics tools can do mass production of social media posts, but it may not be the best choice, especially if you’re trying to automate or have it replace you all together. Although AI can generate content quickly, it lacks personalization and emotional appeal to your followers.

Social media for business requires a unique approach to content creation that is tailored to each platform and each audience and target demographic. An AI-generated social media graphic may not have the same level of professionalism or creativity that a human marketer could provide, which could hurt the engagement and overall success of a marketing campaign.

3. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Comments

I’ve started to sense and see some obviously AI-generated comments on Linkedin and Linkedin. I think this is a terrible idea. It shows that you really do not care about anything but your personal gain. Again, providing real value in comments can build connections and open great opportunities for you.

Provide Value or Don’t Comment at All

Using ChatGPT or ChatGPT plugins for LinkedIn or Twitter comments is not recommended since it could result in inauthentic engagement. Comments are intended to be personal and direct, and an AI-generated response may appear generic and robotic. Additionally, AI-generated comments may be unable to provide the same level of nuance and context that a human commenter could provide, which could result in misinterpretations or misunderstandings.

4. Personal Emails and Email Marketing

I do think that ChatGPT can be a great tool for coming up with an outline or starting point for a promotional email, newsletter, or business email. However, I really do not think it would be wise to use it to send AI-generated emails to customers, clients, coworkers, etc. You’re not going to commit what was written to memory which could become problematic and it’s going to come off as robotic. Your customers will probably notice as well.

Email Marketing With AI Needs to be a Fine Balance

Businesses need to be careful about doing this, especially in cold emails, you’ll want to personalize and humanize the content or you’ll want to invest more time in your prompt engineering to generate a truly exceptional email that works well.

In our new AI Marketing Plan monthly services, we deliver (5) custom “Million Dollar Emails” each month to our customers. We make sure that we custom-tailor them for each customer and provide a human touch.

Although generative AI could potentially assist with sending out a large volume of emails quickly, it may not be the most effective option for personalized emails. Emails require a degree of personalization and attention to detail that an AI may be unable to provide. The use of ChatGPT for emails could result in impersonal and unprofessional communication that could harm a company’s reputation. ChatGPT may be unable to pick up on the same social cues and nuances that humans can, which could lead to miscommunications or misunderstandings.

MidJourney Prompt Example: /imagine prompt:professional logo design mockup for a lawncare service::3 logo design::3 lawnmower:: clean logo design::1.25 Carolina blue:: grass green:: grass:: landscaping:: mowing:: –v 5 –ar 1:1

5. Professional Logo Design

Generative AI art such as Midjourney and Dall-E or 3rd party tools trained on other AI models are just not quite ready for reliable text-in-image generation nor are they ready to represent a brand identity as well as a human could design professionally.

People Are Trying to Do AI Logos But It’s Not There Yet

You could look at PromptBase for example and browse a lot of listings that mention logo design. I don’t think these are good enough to use as professional branding. I think it could be great for some uses but as far as professional business usage it’s not quite there yet.

Although generative AI can assist with the creation of logos, it may not be the optimal choice for businesses. A logo is a visual representation of a company and its values, AI art may be unable to grasp and convey this concept entirely. A human designer can tailor a logo to fit a company’s specific requirements and target audience, ensuring that the logo is distinct and memorable. An AI-generated logo may be lacking in the same level of creativity and artistic flair that a human designer could provide.

Midjourney Prompt Example: /imagine prompt:a beautiful signup form UI for a website that is optimized for conversions::3 ui/ux:: usability:: conversion rates:: CTA:: website hero:: signup form:: modern design:: clean design:: –v 5 –ar 3:2

6. Web Design or Development

I’ve been a web developer for over two decades now. I will admit, there are several really cool AI website generators that have recently come out. Mixo is one that is done really well. is another one I’m keeping my eye on, but they still just look like amateur sites and do not have ANY advanced features or functionality.

Don’t Believe The Hype, It’s Far From Ready

I don’t believe AI-generated websites are ready, especially for business use. There are a lot of reasons why a professional website is an obvious choice still, but I’ll list the most important ones.

First let me say that for some use cases, they may be great right now, if you want a quick personal website, sure. I also think there may be landing pages and use cases for affiliate marketing that work well very soon.

While everyone is having their minds blown about GPT4’s ability to wireframe a website from a napkin, I know it’s nowhere close to being in a position to be used for business. It’s an interesting way to learn about HTML, I guess? Otherwise, I really wouldn’t recommend going about development in that way.

This Video Shows the Demo of What I Believe is Not a Good Idea in Practice

Although AI tools can aid in web design, mockups, inspiration, quick affiliate sites, landing pages, or small personal sites. It is NOT the best option for creating a fully functional and visually appealing website. Professional web design requires a combination of technical skills and creative vision that an AI just can’t provide.

Can AI Catch Up to What a Human Web Developer Can Do?

A human web designer can create a website that is tailored to a company’s specific needs, ensuring that the website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and functional. An AI-generated website may be lacking in the same level of customization and creativity, which will result in a less engaging user experience.

My main complaint is the lack of features. WordPress, Shopify, and a few other platforms can do incredible things that AI-generated websites will have a monumental task to catch up to.

7. Creating an Application or Software from Scratch

While it is possible. I had ChatGPT create a simple Midjourney prompt generator with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, but there are better platforms to create on rather than static HTML. Finding a solution on CodeCanyon or creating one on a proven platform is a better approach. I like to think about it as if ChatGPT is currently metaphorically stuck in the web of 1998 with static HTML websites, but I imagine it will catch up soon with upcoming OpenAI GPT releases and new 3rd party developments.

There are some new tools being launched seemingly every day that are powered by the ChatGPT API which enable the creation of chatbots, AI forms, no-code applications, and more. So there is big potential and I’m optimistic about what is coming.

What ChatGPT Does Do Well for Programmers

Reports are in that ChatGPT 4 has produced incredible results for working with various programming languages. But, to get great results, it still takes a developer familiar with the programming language functions and features to accurately and strategically guide and correct ChatGPT.

It can follow a step-by-step flow of creating a simple function or script. But, implementing and launching, and debugging is a different story. I asked ChatGPT for some help with a few elements and added features that I included in my Content-Aware ChatGPT AI tool.

What The Limitations Are

Yes, ChatGPT can assist with the development of certain aspects or functions of an app, but it’s not really an option for creating a fully functional app. You’ll probably come across it responding to the effect that it can’t write complete applications. Similar to website development, app development requires a combination of technical expertise, creativity, and user experience design, and knowledge of various stacks. ChatGPT can’t provide all of these elements.

A human app developer can tailor an app to fit a company’s specific needs, ensuring that the app is easy to use, visually appealing, and functional. An app created by ChatGPT will be lacking in the same level of customization and attention to detail.

Watch This Space Because AI Will Get Better!

Maybe someday soon we will have more advanced versions that can more reliably tackle these digital marketing and business tasks, but today is not that day. You have to be aware of the limitations of AI and not get caught up in the hype of grandiose dreams about potential capabilities.

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